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Inflatable Military Decoy


Using cutting edge technology Shape has developed the world’s most advanced inflatable military decoy targets. These targets satisfy the needs of the most demanding military specialists in the world. Not only do they closely resemble real aircraft, tanks and other equipment visually, but they also replicate their thermal and radar signature. To radar and other long-range scanners, these dummies are virtually indistinguishable from real equipment.


Inflatable Tent
With the development of the science and economy, there are more and more people choose camping to spend their leisure time, the military need more advanced tents when they join the field training, and people also need good tents when they suffer some disaster,such as earthquake,mudslides....As a result, the traditional(with large weights, complicated installation, complex transportation) tents could not satisfied the market any more, then the inflatable tents are brought into being. This new style tents are widely used because its easy installation and less time for pitching.