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New Breaking Point in Shape
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New Breaking Point in Shape
Shape Inflatable Manufactures2013-9-8 23:00:41

It may look like a real tank,but some of the military equipment in SHAPE may not all be what they seem.

The army is making increasing use of inflatable replicas — decoys deployed in a cunning attempt to deceive potential enemies.

Shape inflatable Manufactures company sew the fabric used to create fake weapons for our customer.

Established in 1994, Shape replicates military equipment, such as T-80 tanks, S-300 missiles or F-10 fighter jets, for an undisclosed price, but also manufactures inflatable castles and inflatable military tent, inflatable medical tent.

It was very difficult to distinguish a real tank from a fake one. For example, the decoys they produce have the same thermal footprint as the weapons they imitate.

From the height of a 10-storey building, if a real tank and a false one stand side by side, they make almost no difference. Our machines emit the same heat and reflect radio waves in the same way as real ones.

Another bonus is that they are easy to deploy — a tank inflates in minutes.